Wolfrun is one of the Free Cities of The Eight Kingdoms, on the border of Wintervale and Red Acre. It is the only Free City to touch Wintervale, has the smallest population, and is arguably the most powerful of Idris' Free Cities. The city is ruled by King Jonathan of Clan Wolfshine. Wolfrun is known to have the largest collection of Shapeshifters.

Wolfrun received its name from its first inhabitants, the Wolfshines who are known for their direwolf shapeshift.

History Edit

The city of Wolfrun was founded in 438 ADK as a lasting resolve to settle the Lannister-Wolfshine Conflict. The border of Wintervale and Red Acre became reserved land for all Shapeshifters, and through an election, the five major Shapeshifting Clans elected the Wolfshines to rule.

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