Vhane is a Lord and Commander of the allied forces in the Forbidden Forest.

Biography Edit

Vhane like most elves was born beyond the wall, into the family of Myriad. A very large and powerful family that commands respect from most other elven cities and nations. Growing up he lived within the trees of the mighty Forbidden Forest, the boy showed a great knack for combat and strategy against other species in his older years. As he and his sister grew up together, side by side she grew soft in his eyes. Showing compassion and love to other species. While Vhane grew cold with each story of the Long Night told, believing his people’s rightful lands had been stolen from them he set into motion his plot of vengeance. The elf prefers swift battle and brutal blows, however, he is not above using poison. As it was the way his father passed, thus making him heir to all the lands the family of Myriad held. Now, he marches south with all other elven families he has mustered by his side. Not truly a king, but a freedom fighter against the oppression the humans have cast upon his people.

Personality and Traits Edit

Vhance at one point in his life was an open minded child, after years of hearing the stories of old he had grown cold. A harsh man with a twisted sense of justice, not unfair but unkind. Vhance has known to be a warrior on the battlefield but also a schemer, the creature ready to stab you in the back for a personal gain. Emotion burns deep within him, not for love nor lust but for his people. To see them placed in their rightful lands, as the rightful rulers of the kingdoms.

Physical Description Edit

Like all elves Vhane has a much paler complexion than mortal men, however even among elves he is considered pale. With chalky white skin and flowing silver hair the only mark of color upon his facial features would be two icy blue eyes. His eyes glow like freshly carved ice left out in the sun, melting but cold.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Vhane possesses inhuman speed, strength, and thought. Like all elves he appears to raise the stakes for mortals. A dangerous swordsman and archer, he is only challenged in these by older warriors. The elf is also gifted with a snaked tongue that twists the truth to his own needs.

Possessions Edit

A sword he has named Repentance, a double bladed bastard sword crafted from Starfall steel. A sword of the house Myriad, it has been in their possession for generations. A set of leather armor mixed with light steel braces and chest piece.

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