Wintervale is one of the constituent regions of the Eight Kingoms, and was formerly a sovereign nation known as the Kingdom Beyond the Forest before the Darkest Night. Wintervale is ruled from the castle of White Keep by House Lannister. It has the second largest population of the eight regions of the Eight Kingdoms, at 40 million. The borders of Wintervale are held to the sea by the west and mountains in the north and east. Trumph Wall seals off the plains that connect the region to the Forbidden Forest. The climate of Wintervale is harshly cold in the northern-most point but fair and cool towards the south. Its capitol, Winter's Landing is located between the parallel mountain ranges of Twin Peaks.

History Edit

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Cities Edit

Winter's Landing Edit

Winter's Landing is the capital of the Eight Kingdoms. It is located in the northern plains of Wintervale, between the parallel mountain ranges named Twin Peaks. It's the site of White Keep, the capital of Wintervale and the royal place to the Lannister family. The city stands without walls because of the natural barrier offered by Twin Peaks and because it too is guarded by Trumph Wall, located 2o miles north. The city enjoys a cold climate year round and experiences small summers. The city was founded by Lannisters before the Darkest Night when they reigned as Kings. It's one of the most populated cities in Wintervale with a population of 500,000. It's nearly impossible to grow crops in the north, so the city relies on trade from other cities. The city has many fabulous locations, Lancaster, a sub-division for the nobles. Gardna's Crossing, a market square at the center of the city where party and trade happen. Moore's Hilltop, where wakes are held for the dead.

Wolfrun Edit

Ironbourne Edit

Lannisport Edit

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Locations Edit

Trumph Wall Edit

Trumph Wall is a colossal fortress that stretches fifty miles along the northern border of Wintervale and the Forbidden Forest. It is the home of The Watchmen who defend and hold the wall; it is protected through several manned stations. The wall was built during the Darkest Night, to halt the progression of the Forsaken Plague and to stop the paranormal forces within the Forbidden Forest. It has seen many battles and has defended the Eight Kingdoms from numerous threats. Men from all major Houses are sent to Trumph Wall to train and protect it.

Valmoor Castle Edit

Valmoor Castle is an immense garrison that sits on mountains, east of Trumph Wall and on Dragon's Peak. The fortress was built to guard the border of Wintervale and the Forbidden Forest. After the completion of Trumph Wall, the forces from the Forbidden Forest crept through the mountains around it to siege the Unity, therefore, Dragon's Peak was built. Only recently did it become the home of the Dragon Riders. Presently, fifty men guard Dragon's Peak.

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