The Seven Vessels are a faction of reanimated corpse in Okysus' military. Using the power of Ozarus, Okysus was able to bring seven legendary figures from history back to life and use them as his henchmen and generals for his military.

Rempresentations Edit

  • Lust: Illyria Alicante -
  • Gluttony: Antenora Troy
  • Greed: Caina Morgenstern
  • Anger: Judecca Iscariot
  • Heresy: Ptolomaea Claud
  • Violence: Govaer Ienvas
  • Fraud: Melchior Morgenstern

Background Edit

  • Illyria Alicante - Illyria Alicante
  • Antenora Troy
  • Caina Morgenstern
  • Judecca Iscariot
  • Ptolomaea Claud
  • Govaer Ienvas
  • Melchior Morgenstern

Illyria is an elven-siren hybrid from the 3rd century ADK.

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