The Red Skull Invasion, also known as the Sack of the Sept Isles, was one of the starting events of the Eight Kingdoms. It consisted of the devastating siege of the Sept Isles and the fall of House Somalia. It effectively started the Siege of the Sept Isles and indefinitely changed the course of Idris' history.

Background Edit

The events of the Red Skull Invasion officially began with the signing of the Jucinto Pact. Numerous Pirate Lords met atop Black Rock and signed their the Jucinto Pact, forging a union of different pirate organizations, known as the Red Skulls. Amongst the many absences from various Pirate Lords, Captain Damien Umbridge's, of the Black Armada, was noted.

The majority of the new unity was led by Pirate Lord Imber Licentia of the Black Crows. Imber led an assault against the island of Ares while the Pirate Lords of smaller groups led attacks against the Disputed Isles. The assault lasted only a week given the small population of the isles. With the islands closest to Asaland's close taken under Imber's command, the Red Skulls created a blockade and cut off support Persevia. The peasants formed an alliance with the rebel forces in exchange for their safety; many joined with the Red Skulls.

Pirate Lady Rossard Darry of the Storm Crows, who was absent from the Jucinto Pact, finally showed their support for the pirate unity by sacking Sinbad Island and eliminating more support from the mainland. This left only Nova Scovia left to receive aid from Silandria. The Pirate Lords created a blockade on the northern parts of Nova Scovia, this time they were met with war from the Sept Isles.

The Sept Isles were victorious at sea, but while they fought the Red Skull's navy in the north, others attacked from the south and west, taking the fishing villages and cutting off more of the island's supply. By the time the Sept's forces returned to their capital, the island had been taken under Red Skull command. What was left of the Sept's forces were surrounded Brenton and slaughtered.

The Invasion climaxed when Imber Licentia gave the command to butcher House Somalia and with the Pirate's coronation as the "leader" of the Sept Isles. An underlining theme of the Red Skull Invasion was the downfall of the Feudal Hierarchy, which was why Lord Imber didn't take the title of King or Warden of the Sept Isles.