The Northern Helm is one of the eight constituent regions of Asaland. Formerly a sovereign nation of the same name, the Northern Helm has always been under Stark control. Due to its harsh climate, the region has the smallest population within the Eight Kingdoms. It has a harsh climate, hard for making crops.

Background Edit

The Northern Helm has been in House Stark's control for most of recorded history. Many conflicts arose in the Age of Strongholds between the several lords of the Northern helm and the many tribes that lived in the mountains. It was the Starks who led the conflict against the tribes, uniting the Houses and forming the first kingdom in Asaland's long history.

There are many ancient houses who still pledge fealty to House Stark. The largest of the houses include: McCarthy, Forrester, and Whitehill. Lately the central conflict of the Northern Helm has been with a druid group of shifters and wargs whoa re known as The Circle. Most of the Northern Helm's population seems fearful of the group, despite the lack of public crimes.

Cities Edit

  • Frozen Hold - Capital of the Northern Helm. The Frozen Hold resides in the middle of the city with rings of thick stone walls that are similar to the rings of a tree. The city is connected to all Northern Helm trade routes.

Military Edit

When it comes to the Northern Helm's military, quality over quantity is traditionally preferred. The Northerners were never the one's to step lightly unless needed. The Northern Helm does maintain a standard build of infantry, along with Heavy Cavalry. The only "light" units the Northern Helm entertains are their Ranger units, which act as scouts and sharpshooters.


Willbreakers are the elite fighters of the Northern Helm. They wear heavy plate armor as if it were a silk gown whilst dancing through the battlefield, heaving their battleaxe like a toy. The Willbreakers were created during the rule of Ayden Stark, the best becoming his elite bodyguard. Most Willbreakers forsake shields on the battlefield, instead choosing to bring a second ax.


Rangers are the scouts of the Northern Helm, experienced in all forms of navigation, tracking, map-making, wilderness survival, and any other form of reconnaissance. Rangers also excel in covert activities in urban environments. Whilst Rangers are excellent scouts, they also serve as sharpshooters. Experts with the longbow, Rangers harass the enemy from great distances.

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