The Eight Pillars, commonly referred to as Faith of the Eight, is a mainstream religion, popular in southern Arestoneiam. The Faith of the Eight was created during the Reconstruction and Enlightenment Age during the destruction of Illyria, where it was made.

Like The Children, the Faith of the Eight is based off the unproven activities of the Children of A New, but focuses on the aspect that they have left the Known World in the hands of mankind. The darker look on The Children is thought to be the driving force behind Arestoneiam's savage nature.

All scripture on Th Eight Pillars can be found in the Ballad of Illyria.

History Edit Edit

The Eight Pillars was created by Gregory Tindall after the fall of Illyria and during the Dragon Inquisition. Tindall saw the destruction of Illyria as a sign that the gods had given up on the Known World and unleashed Heaven's protectors to destroy the Realm of Idris so that they may start again.Tindall used the extinction of dragons in Arestoneiam to promote his teachings: that mankind had beat The Children and were the supreme beings.

The belief was an overnight sensation, replacing many small religions in just a few years. Temples were built in all the city states that were once occupied by Illyria, and it soon became the dominant belief in Arestoneiam.

Very few believe in The Eight Pillars in Asaland.

Belief Edit Edit

The Eight Pillars get its name from the belief that the Realm of Idris is divided into eight parts, and that the Known World is only one part.

  • The Unknown World: Outside of everything imaginable is

the Unknown World, the outer most pillar. Scripture says that The Children have made the Unknown World their home where there is unlimited possibility. This pillar is thought to be dark and without proper life, a hell believed by the most extreme of the religion. When a person is sent to the Urteil and are deemed unworthy to enter the sacred city of Illyria, they are sent to the Unknown World to be with their creators.

  • The Heavens: The Heavens was the former home of the Children and dragons. Now that the Children have abandoned their
  • The Touched Space
  • The Known World
  • The Great Beyond
  • The Urteil
  • Illyria: Named after the great Empire, Illyria is the final and most sacred pillar, found at the center of the Realm.

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