Terian Naharis is the High Lady of Silandria and Regent of a Siren Coven off the shores of Silandria's beaches. She rose to power post-adolescence; Terian used her abilities to sway single men of regal status and eventually swayed the High Lord of Silandria into marriage. Her half elven heritage has strengthened her siren abilities.

History Edit

Heritage Edit

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Lady Terian Naharis grew up with other women around her. Her mother was the first siren to have fallen in love with a man and was killed immediately after the birth of Terian. The other sirens living in the cave just off the coast of Silandria raised her to live as they did; luring men into their waters and killing them after having any sexual interactions with them. Within Silandria, the missing men had began to be noticed by others and immediately there was a war breaking out between the regular women and sirens. Terian hid from the world and watched as many of her sisters were killed before her. At the age of 19, Terian was left the only siren in Silandria and swore to avenge the fallen sisters. The beautiful woman worked her way up, working low key at dragging men down and became much more careful as to who she killed or who she simply compelled to be her eternal slave. She managed to compel a man of higher regal status, making her a high lady which was what needed in order to start her plan to rule. Now at age twenty four, Terian has grown into her body has been one of the most powerful sirens known to Silandrian history, yet still… nobody knew about what she was.

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