Stonecrest is one of the many city-states in Arestoneiam. It's located in No Man's Land, therefore the city has no claim to the land outside of its borders, though many houses outside Stonecrest have pledged fealty to the city and answer the Lord's call.

History Edit Edit

Stonecrest is a city-state that was formed by a group of minors several centuries ago. Its founders discovered a rare pearly stone at the base of the mountains in Arestoneiam, a rock which was named White Bertpite after it's natural white color. Immediately after the discovering of the precious stone, the miners formed the establishment of Stonecrest. They used white bertpite to make houses and formed their establishment around a large birch tree which many believed to be a gift from the Goddess Gardna. The birch was named the Sun Tree and became the heart of the city-state where people come to pray for safety and for a promising future.

Soon the small town grew into self-governance that was led by a High Lord of the population's choosing. They chose Lord Mercer and his line of succession to rule the city. The Mercer family continued to lead Stonecrest until the house's demise by the Rosewood family in 711 ADK. There are however secret toast held by the commoners for a Mercer, of any branch, to rise to power and claim their rightful throne.

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