Raime Drakeblood is hedge knight, formerly a noble Ashen Hold.

Background Edit

Raime is the eldest son of Lady Auld and Randolph Drakeblood. Randolph was the head of House Drakeblood and the Lord of Ashen Hold and its surrounding areas in north-east Wintervale. From a young age, Raime was trained to wield a sword and wear armor. He was blessed with the gift of swiftness for his large size. Being brute and cunning, it didn't take long before he became a match for the unseasned knights that served his father. Though Raime was young at the time, he wouldn't remain unbloodied for long.

During a routine ride, Raime and his younger brother were ambushed by mountain raiders. The lordling nearly lost his life. His brother threw himself in front of an oncoming spear, saving his brother's life and dying in the process. Raime shed his first blood and returned his brother's body to his family before he left, disgrace with only his sword and his armor.

Raime completed task as a sellsword as he seeked forgiveness for the death of his brother. Eventually he became a hedge knight and drifted away from home. To this day, he is still wondering the plains of the Known World with his sword and axe, his last reminders of his heritage and his brother.

Personality and Traits Edit

Raime is a calm and persuasive Knight who is known for holding a grudge. He knows when to speak and when to hold his tongue and how to cleverly think himself around a problem. While he is calm, he has bouts of rage during battles. Many have compared him to that of a bull, a creature whom mindlessly loses their mind and only focuses on killing. Raime suffers from sleep paralysus, which he calls "waking dreams".

Physical Description Edit

Raime is a tall man with a thick set of black hair that melds into his beard. For his height, the man is also made up of sinew, swift on his feet and deadly with a blade. Raime also has several scars upon his chest, mostly from training with his brother when they were coming of age.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Raime is an excellent swordsman, known for cheating in fights. He is also known for dropping his sword for the hand ax he carriers or one of the stilettos at his side. The knight is an experienced rider, hunter, and fisher. Along with having a talent for killing.

Possessions Edit

  • Broadsword, a slim blade crafter in tungsten, also known as Wolfsframe.
  • Two stilettos, made of hard steel with the handle ax crafted from iron.