Assassin Edit

An Assassin is the name used to refer to those who engage in assassination work for a sum of money. Assassin guilds are a rare breed, making most assassins private workers, usually at the expense of Lords and those in wealth.

Dragon Rider Edit

Dragon Riders are members of a military order that capture and train wild dragons for patrol in Dragon Peak.

Titles: "Sir" for males, "Lady" for females.

Entertainer Edit

Entertainer is a term used for a wide variety of people in the entertainment business. This position can be applied to jesters, the circus, actors, anyone who entertains for a living or for fun.

Gentry Class Edit

The Gentry Class is an elite class that sits under nobility.

High Lady Edit

A High Lady is the wife or daughter of a High Lord. The difference between a Lady and a High Lady is that a High Lady oversees one of the eight regions, as opposed to a Lady who oversees a plot of land.

High Lord Edit

A High Lord is a noble or the son of a noble that owns and controls one of the eight regions.

King Edit

The King is the sovereign ruler of the Eight Kingdoms.

Knight Edit

A Knight is a noble figure who bears arms and pledges their life to their King or Lord of their house.

Titles: "Sir" for males, "Lady" for females.

Lady Edit

A Lady is a noble that owns land. They are different from the High Lady, who owns a region.

Lord Edit

A Lord is a noble that owns land. They are different from the High Lord, who owns a region.

Title: Lord.

Maid Edit

A Maid is a servant.

Merchant Class Edit

The Merchant Class is a working class, over the Peasant Class.

Nobility Class Edit

The Nobility Class is the highest class of the four. Lords and Ladies are among this class, but these nobles don't own land.

Peasant Class Edit

The Peasant Class is the lowest class.

Prince Edit

The Prince is the son of a King and the Queen

Title: Prince

Princess Edit

The Princess is the daughter of a King and the Queen.

Title: Princess

Queen Edit

The Queen is the female sovereign ruler of the Eight Kingdoms. She resides in Winter Vale at Wolve's Keep.

Title: Queen.

Religious Leader Edit

The leaders of religious orders.

Titles: Father, Priest, Reverend, etc.

Royal Family Edit

The Royal Family are the family members of the King and the Queen. They live within the castle.

Slave Edit

A slave is a person who's the legal property of another.

Ward Edit

A Ward is a member of another house who has been taken in by another family to be raised.

Watchmen Edit

Watchmen are members of a military order that guard the nothern front of Winter Vale from northern invaders of the Forbidden Forest.