The Otyugh is a fearsome abomination with an unfathomable hunger for flesh. This monster lives in its own filth, eating carrion, feces, and rotting carcasses, though it prefers fresh meat. There has been very little human interaction with the Otyugh, apart from a handful of cultists, as well as people unfortunate enough to come too close to it.

History Edit

The Otyugh was initially another form of animal, though what exactly in uncertain. Atash Khaal desired some sort of hideous beast to guard the most valuable people in the temple, so for three fortnights, he fasted until sundown, performing a vast array of rituals and sacrifices, until The Dark Goddess agreed, corrupting aJD twisting a pre-existing creature so much that it became unrecognizeably revolting and vicious. It spent most of its life in an underground sewage system, wallowing in its own filth. Atash Khaal provided it with plenty of food, soon bon ding with the creature on a near-parental level, though he keeps a safe distance as the Otyugh would not hesitate to kill him. Currently, it resides within an underground chamber, yet when two servants turn a crank, the monster can be released to protect the Muad'Goll.

Physical Traits Edit

The Otyugh is unspeakably disgusting, yet easily recognizeable. It is rather round and fat, being propped up by three stout, but strong legs. A large portion of the body is taken up by its mouth, which contains five rows of thin, pointy teeth. It has a large shovel-like toungue. Furthermore, the Otyugh has a distinguishing arm-like eye stalk with three eyeballs, whic can look in different directions indie dangly of the others. On either side are two long tentacles with thick barbs, capable of seizing and tearing prey.

Abilities Edit

Though rather slow, the Otyugh's flexible body allows it to easily pivot. It is very difficult to flank it with the flexible eye stalk, making the fat beast a formidable foe. It's skin is flabby, but thick, like a rhinoceros, except it commonly secretes unpleasant chemicals. It's bite is very toxic, though the monster does not have venom, rather large ammounts of bacteria in the mouth, much like some monitor lizards. The Otyugh is capable of making quick attacks with its tentacles.

Weaknesses Edit

The Otyugh is essentially a heavy blob of sheer violence, yet it cannot move quickly at all. It's tentacle attacks are quick, but the monster cannot dodge easily at all, nor can it chase. and though having eyes at the top of a flexible shaft increases perception, it can be easily severed, making the beast much easier to kill.