Background Edit

Molly was born to a noble family in Wolfrun, the Moreau Family, which ended up dying out a few years later after her parent died of pneumonia. The couple only had daughters, therefore they married their two children off to keep the family's wealth intact. Molly was married off to William Lefevre of Red Acre and Camille was sent to a wealthy Lord in the South. Molly was heartbroken to be separated from her family, but played the part of a poised, sophisticated wife to a T. She respects and has come to love the man, even if she was reluctant to at first. He is her closest friend and her most trusted confident.

Personality and Traits Edit

Molly is a very happy woman, but tends to be a bit of a spit fire. She is incredibly loyal and fierce for a woman of her time period. She has a knack for cheering other up when they're stressed or upset, and is often seen spending her free time doing charity work. Her giving and kind nature makes her popular in the nobility circles, but she tends to steer clear of 'bragging'. She often says "I do what i do, because it needs to be done. And you don't see anyone else doing it." She does have a streak of misbehaving and getting herself into all sorts of trouble, but is usually able to sweet talk her way out of it. She has a french sounding accent.

Physical Description Edit

With porcelain skin and chocolate brown hair, shes hard not to look at. She naturally has Blonde hair, but on a weekly basis, washes her hair with cocoa clothe dye to darken her hair. Her eye are bright blue and she stands at a moderate 5'6, weighing in at 137 lbs. She has a lopsided smile and a devilish smirk that tends to make people think shes up to something.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Very good at getting in and out of trouble, Diplomatic, manipulative, political, and well balanced.

Possessions Edit

Wedding Ring - From her husband, William.