The Eight Iron Swords (commonly referred to as the Iron Swords), are the elite group of knights who serve as the King of the Eight Kingdoms and his immediate family. The group is the most exclusive military order in Asaland because of its size and qualifications to join. All members are subjected to taking honorary vows: to never father children, take a wife, or own land. A member of the Iron Swords can only be relieved of duty by death or the King's pardon.

History Edit

The Eight Iron Swords were created during the first years of the Dark Night, when guerilla warfare became a popular tactic against the Eight King's Union. When the Red Acre Commander's wagon was raided, the Eight Kings felt it best to subject their best men to protect the Grandmaster of the Union. Each of the Kings gave their best man.

After the war, the Iron Swords disbanded, but were once again brought together when the Eight Kings elected to keep the Union alive. Since, the Eight Iron Swords have protected the King of the Eight Kingdoms.

Exclusion Edit

When the Iron Swords were originally created, each Great House sent their best swordsman to serve and protect the King. The tradition has lasted to present day, meaning that every knight in the organization comes from a different province in Asaland, with the exception of the Forbidden Forest. When an Iron Sword dies (or is relieved from duty on rare occasions), another must be nominated from the Warden where the deceased came from. The King must approve the nomination, and then the Knight may join.

Members Edit

Province Knight
Wintervale Damien Lannister
The Northern Helm Gandric Direson
Red Acre
The Sept Isles ---

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