Background Edit

Henry Dechausse is the son of a common farming family in the kingdom of Bolantia. He was raised with strong and simple values, his family worshiped the Old Gods. He never much enjoyed the farming life. Though he put his highest effort into working the land with his father and brothers, he never got the enjoyment and satisfaction from it that they did. In his young adulthood he became restless and filled with wanderlust. It was around this time that the local lord sent a courier to the town to proclaim that he was recruiting men to replenish his levy army. Against his family’s will, Henry signed up for the Bolantian military. He blew through boot-camp with ease, the toils and challenges of the land were much more trying than the abuse of a drill sergeant. His officers noticed his abundant patience and levelheadedness early on and made sure to keep their eyes on him during his career. After a tour in service of the king and several skirmish conflicts, Henry had become a seasoned veteran soldier and his superior officers in Bolantia saw fit to promote him to the rank of captain, which gave him command of his own company of men. He was responsible for the recruiting, training, and tactical command of this company within the military on Bolantia. Through his years as a captain, he gained notoriety as an honest, steadfast, and talented commander. Within the Bolantian army, Henry’s company began to be called, “Henry’s Hands”, and they were known for their exceptional training and fanatical loyalty to their captain.

Temperament Edit

Henry’s upbringing and experience in war have made him: patient, honorable, blunt, wise. Because of his personal philosophy on the social organization of the time period, the downside to his personality  could be that he is: potentially insubordinate and ironic.

Age: 36

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6’ Weight: 170 lbs

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