The Greater Houses are the most powerful and influential noble houses in the Eight Kingdoms. Each constituent region of the Eight Kingdoms has a Greater House who governs the region and enforces the King’s laws. Each Greater House possess a number of Vassal Houses who serve under them, providing taxes for the region and the king, as well as their military forces during times of war. There is immense power and authority that comes with being a Greater House, as well as a number of responsibilities.

The Greater Houses Edit

  • House Casterly - the ruling house of the Eight Kingdoms and the greater house of the Wintervale. They rule from their seat at the White Keep.
  • Houst Norstrom - the greater house of Nordstrom, they rule from their seat at the Stormglass.
  • House Lefevre - the greater house of the Red Acre from their city of Mercier.
  • House Naharis - the greater house of Silandria from the castle Coltherstone Palace. Currently under control of Terian Naharis, the Lady Protector of Silandria.
  • House Steinjager - the greater house of Tiratir from their castle __________.
  • House Wendover - the greater house of Persevia from their seat of Persevsion.
  • House Lothrock - the greater house of the Vale of Lothrock from their seat at the Anthrum. The bloodline is scattered after the Anthrum collapsed and killed the main family.
  • House Rowe - the greater house of the Sept Isles from their seat in the Sept of Rowen.

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