Background Edit

Gandric is the son of the Direwolf Chieftan, Halfnar Direson. When he was a young child, his father had united the other clans and started a war against the Starks. As the war raged on, Gandric's elder sons died, eventually leaving Gandric as the eldest remaining son. When the Stark victory arrived, they followed their tradition of adopting the enemy's eldest son to prevent more war and try to bring the two sides closer. As Gandric was adjusting to his new life, Lady Stark decided his real name was too barbaric and rebranded him as Gandric (Only the Stark family and a select other few know Gandric's true name). The Stark family grew to like Gandric, especially Ayden. The only Stark to dislike Gandric was Lady Stark, who still viewed him as a barbaric lad. The two became close friends in their early years, being nearly inseparable later on. Gandric began acting as an envoy to the Direwolf clan, negotiating as a middle man for them and the Starks. Gandric learned cultures from both the Starks and Direwolf Clan. Now he follows and advises Ayden during their journeys.

Personality and Traits Edit

Mischievous, though good hearted. Gandric is never one to turn down a good prank or joke, though he is careful that no one is caused true harm. Gandric loves his family, despite the lack of shared blood.

Physical Description Edit

Gandric speaks with a Northern accent. Anyone from the North would be able to tell that it was a clan dialect, though the difference would be lost on any southerner. Gandric is tall and strong, with claw marks over one of his eyes. The actual eye is covered by a leather strap.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Gandric is a strong fighter, who prefers fighting with a longsword and dagger. Gandric is also a strong hunter and archer.

Possessions Edit

Leather armor, hooded cloak, mucho denero, great sword and dagger.

Relations Edit

  • Loved by Starks (except by Lady Stark.)
  • Good relations with Direwolf clan, except for some who think of him for an enemy for his relation with the Starks.