Background Edit

Princess Freya Lannister was born to the King of the Eight Kingdoms, Gerald Lannister and his Queen, Evelyn. She was their second child, first daughter and her mother's pride and joy. From a young age, Freya was spoiled with dresses, trinkets, a royal education, and above all her mother's love, who passed away when Freya was a few years old.

Throughout her adolescents, Freya grew close to her uncle and brother to the King, Damien. As dull as he was, she felt that he understood her and would let her live without the nature of being a Princess. She grew a small obsession with her adoptive cousin, Melchior. As they grew up, he began avoiding her and the Princess felt he lived without knowing of her existence, making it her mission to make him notice and appreciate her.

Personality and Traits Edit

Freya has been known for being kind and selfless, traits she's taken after her mother, but behind closed doors when not on official business, on would learn that she's sarcastic princess who wants her way.

Physical Description Edit

The Princess takes after her mother, long blond wavy locks would flow down her back, though her eyes were a piercing blue eyes were inherited from her father. Yet, as for her shortness, it was unknown, everyone in her family was tall, yet Freya stood at four foot.

Skills and Abilities Edit

As the Princess of the Eight Kingdoms, Freya was taught the ways of being a representative of the family and the country - her communication skills were beyond amazing, she could talk her way out of most situations. Freya also took a large interest in history and music, playing the piano for the local children in the town hall every fortnight.

Possessions Edit

After the death of her mother, King Gerald gave Freya a Lannister heirloom; a locket with their family crest engraved into it.

Relationships Edit

Damien Lannister - Freya's Uncle whom she grew close to after the death of her mother. She feels save and comfortable around him because his nurturing and understanding nature allows her to dodge her Princess affairs.

Melchior Morgenstern - Freya's adoptive cousin whom she met at the age of seven. While the two were close as children, Melchior grew from Freya when they became teenagers. Freya yearns for that old bond and acts out against him to earn his attention.

Jamie Senate - Freya's bastard brother. The two are close for some odd reason.

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