Lady Fiona Azlen is a squire, a knight in training who is sworn to serve House Lannister.

Biography Edit

Fiona was born into the household of Lord and Lady Greyjoy. She was the daughter of their maid and a slave. Although she was the daughter of a maid, she was treated as a child of their family and was educated along with their children. Ever since she was a child, she would have the dream to become a knight. Her childhood was rather easy, considering she was treated fairly by the Lord and Lady her mother worked for. She spent her time reading, training with the Greyjoy sons and sometimes even helping her mother whenever she could. The female never got along with other children her age, since she felt like she did not fit in with the children of her gender.

Personality and Traits Edit

She is aggressive, determined and feisty. Since she was taught along with four boys, she became tough. She is witty and loved making sarcastic comments sometimes; but she has unwavering loyalty.

Physical Description Edit

Fiona is quite short -- five feet four inches, to be exact. She has icy blue eyes and dark chocolate brown hair. She has an hour-glass figure, which is often hidden under her armour.

Skills and Abilities Edit

She is very skilled when it comes to sword fighting and archery. Her self-defense skills are also proficient.

Possessions Edit

She possesses a sword, given to her by the Lord and Lady she lived with. It is made with an alloy of iron and titanium, with the words 'Cor Draco' carved on both sides of it. The cross-guard contained the silhouette of a dragon.

Relationships Edit

Lady Margret Greyjoy and Lord Joshua Greyjoy were the heads of the kind house who gave Fiona an educated childhood. Jason Greyjoy, Robb Greyjoy, Felix Greyjoy and Devon Greyjoy were her best friends and acted as her big brothers while she grew up.

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