Fallyn is a member of the minor shapeshifting clan, Rhys, and is a soldier in the Wolfrun military.

Biography Edit

Fallyn Rhys is a born shapeshifter. She was born to two loving, shapeshifter parents, Evan Rhys and Anna Rhys. Her father’s dominant animal to shapeshift into was a snow leopard. Her parents loved Fallyn so much. They raised her in a little leopard clan in Wolfrun and taught her how to shapeshift and how to use a bow and arrow when she first started walking. Her father even started teaching her how to hunt and how to use a sword. Fallyn mastered the art of the sword and decided she wanted to leave her little clan to become a soldier. She really wanted to be a knight, but all the other shapeshifters told her it would be fruitless and that she was stupid. So, Fallyn became the next best thing: a soldier in the King’s Military.

Personality and Traits Edit

Fallyn is very quiet and likes to keep to herself. She enjoys reading and can usually be found in the library if she isn’t training or studying. Fallyn is very stubborn and determined. When she sets her mind to something, she will put her all into accomplishing it. Fallyn is not power hungry, however. She does not have any plans to climb any ranks through the military. If she does earn a rank or two, she wants to have earned it.

Fallyn loves to shift into one of her animal forms when she gets the chance to. She loves to prowl around in her snow leopard form, prance around in her fox form, and, especially at night, she loves to feel the wind moving through the feathers of her owl form as she silently flies through the trees.

Physical Description Edit

Fallyn is 5'6" with white/silver hair that she keeps in a braid or a ponytail. In the summer, she puts it up in a bun. She also has striking blue eyes.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Excels with a bow and a sword.

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