Dragons are massive flying reptiles with the capability of laying waste to large armies and burning entire cities to ash with their ability to breathe fire. When first discovered, dragons laid waste to several cities throughout Idris. The solution of Idris' rulers was to eradicate their existence. Hunting dragons became sport and most of the population was killed off; a good portion were captured and enslaved to fight in wars, most notable during the Darkest Night. Before their arrival in Idris, dragons lived in the heavens, but were banished when they flew too close to the sun and absorbed Ozarus' heavenly fire. There is a current ban on killing dragons in The Eight Kingdoms. Most of the remaining population lives at Dragon's Peak where they are trained by the Dragon Riders of Valmoor Castle.

History Edit

Dragons were created 6,000 years ago by Ozarus in the years before the First Age. For thousands of years, they lived in the sky temple with Ozarus and served as heaven's protectors, defending heaven and the realms within from the dark forces of the Unknown Realm. They didn't touch the Realm of Idris until the Long Age, when mankind had spanned the globe and pushed the other races to the corners of each continent.

Angered by her children being driven to the forest, Edera decided that she would send release the dragons in the known world. One day, she entered the realm of Heaven and led the dragons close to the sun. They swallowed its fire and stole from Ozarus, who had no choice but to banish his pets.

Dragons entering the Realm of Idris was the beginning of the Long Age, a short epoch of time, given its name because of the trials mankind and other races faced as dragons destroyed their land. This marked the downfall of the Illyrian Empire and the destruction of the Forbidden Forest in Asaland. For two hundred years the dragons populated Idris and destroyed, then came the hundred years of Inquisition, where the dragon population was reduced to double digits.

It wasn't until 634 ADK that dragons were labeled an endangered species by the Eight Kingdoms. The Dragon Riders were created to capture and train dragons to work with mankind. Slowly, the dragon population is growing.

Physical TraitEdit

  • Scales.
  • Flesh on the stomach.
  • Yellow eyes.
  • Horns on the head and limbs.
  • Large wings.

Attributes and Weaknesses Edit

Attributes Edit

  • Breathe fire.
  • Stamina.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Flight.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Cold climates.
  • Feeble stomach region.


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