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Biography Edit

Bilvork Grott was born Killian Everwin to Duke Martin Everwin and Duchess Abigail Everwin, but when the duchess bore a hideously-deformed child and died soon after, the clergyman deemed the child evil. The Duke promptly ordered his trusted knight, Sir Grott, to dispose of the child in the Forbidden Forest, but the knight doubted the priest and had pity for the child, so he and his wife raised him in secret as their own child and named him "Bilvork." As he grew older, Bilvork's size changed little. He was consistently insulted for his appearance and dwarfism, leading him to despise many of the people around him. As an ugly dwarf, few jobs were available, so Bilvork became a fool. For a while, he enjoyed his job and became happy. He was allowed to perform before nobility and royalty; plus, the pay wasn't bad. One day, he fell in love with a Persevian Lord's daughter while performing, but when he attempted to approach her, he overheated her discussion regarding the humor of his repulsive appearance. Bilvork was crushed and hurled himself into a state of depression. He refuted against divine meaning in life and spread rants of nihilism. His depression caused his clowning career to fall apart, further fueling Bilvork's sadness. Butwhen he hanged himself, Bilvork hallucinated vividly of gods and demons so vile that they must not be named. Bilvork's sanity snapped with his noose. Bilvork's existential crisis was solved through God-given meaning, though not by the hand of a benevolent being, rather by the embrace of spirits of darkness and entropy. Bilvork's depression gone, his performances grew in popularity. He even made jokes regarding his own appearance, but each laugh only fueled his hatred. Bilvork feigned resilience and good-humor, causing many to deem him a man of good-character and Bali was. But in secret, Bilvork made dark sacrifices to Edera. He used his occupation to erase doubt and to disguise his alter-ego of Mort Kemnar: High Priest of Darkness and Entropy.

Personalite Traights Edit

Bilvork is cunning, wise, and mad, yet he disguises himself as a resilient, cheerful, and somewhat ignorant man.

Physical Description Edit

Bilvork is a dwarf with brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. His face is twisted, saggy, and deformed, and he has abnormally-large feet. Bilvork has a slight hunch, as well. He's not a pretty sight.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bilvork is a skilled performer. He is proficient at juggling, acrobatics, and unicycle-riding. Despite his size, he's a rather good swordsman and fighter, though he could probably not compete with most skilled swordsman. But most of all, Bilvork is a master of disguise and blending in with a society.


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